Foam – Memory Foam Mattress 14cm

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A memory foam mattress will be an ideal choice for people who value the highest level of comfort during sleep, who like a gentle wrap, and above all for people with back pain, joint pains, and for those who treat sleep as a moment of relaxation and rest from stressful everyday life and their the muscles are constantly tense. Interestingly, the thermoelastic foam significantly improves blood circulation and soothes our nervous system.

Advantages of thermoelastic foam
Thermoelastic foam, as one of the few components, can, despite the fact that it will be hard, slow-reacting, stiff, still adjust to a much higher level than HR foam or polyurethane foam. “Lazy” foam is used primarily in people whose sleep is among the “less calm” – people who often turn from side to side and it is difficult to find a proper and comfortable sleeping position for them.

Thermo foam, thanks to its properties, allows you to rest at the highest level, and more specifically, it relieves our body to the maximum and adjusts itself over the entire surface, in order to minimize twisting during sleep. Rolling from side to side, numbness of the limbs and other similar problems during sleep are responsible for the wrong sleeping surface (too hard), or the worn-out ground – we simply feel uncomfortable. The task of the thermo foam is to ensure comfort at such a high level that, even when we fall asleep with an arm under the body, we do not wake up numb in the middle of the night.

Mattress size

EU Junior 5ft. 80x160cm, EU Small single 6ft. 90x180cm, UK Full single 6ft. 90x190cm, EU Large single 6'6ft. 90x200cm, UK Small Double 4ft. 120x190cm, EU Small Double 4ft. 120×200, UK Double 4'6ft. 140x190cm, EU Double 4'6ft. 140x200cm, UK King 5ft. 155x200cm, EU King 5ft. 160x200cm, UK-EU Super King 6ft. 180x200cm