Pro Dynamic Gelax Foam Mattress

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Mattress with innovative Gelax foam. Pro Dynamic H3 was created for enthusiasts of an active lifestyle and even professional athletes. The mattress cover contains silk proteins that help in the regeneration of minor skin injuries

The Pro Dynamic H3 mattress is a solution that has been designed for enthusiasts of an active lifestyle – from amateurs to professional athletes. This is related to the need for proper regeneration, which is ensured by the unique structure of the mattress.

The leading role in the Pro Dynamic H3 mattress is played by the innovative Gelax foam, which combines the advantages of gel, durable, airy and elastic highly elastic foam and freely “enveloping” thermoelastic foam. As a result, the mattress provides excellent support for the entire body, positively influencing the regeneration of muscles and joints. This effect was additionally enhanced by knurling the foam and obtaining 7 hardness zones.

Pro Dynamic H3 provides excellent air circulation – not only thanks to the properties of the Gelax foam, but also thanks to the profile cuts of the other foams that make up its structure. On the other hand, the air circulation makes the mattress allergy-friendly.

The mattress comes in a stylish and modern cover, in which silk proteins were used, contributing to faster regeneration of minor skin injuries. The Pro Dynamic cover can be washed at a temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Thickness of this mattress is +/- 20cm

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Please note due to large format our mattresses will be delivered vacuum wrap in roll within 3-5 weeks

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