Silver Protect Pocket Sprung Mattress

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The perfect solution for people who value health properties. His mattress cover contains silver ions that are antibacterial. Silver Protect is a mattress recommended for people who complain of back pain and neck and spine ailments, as well as for those who suffer from frequent bacterial infections.

Silver Protect is an innovative solution that will appeal to users who value health properties. An important role of the mattress is created by the innovative Gelax foam, which combines the advantages of gel, durable, airy and elastic highly elastic foam and a freely “enveloping” thermoelastic foam. Thanks to this, the mattress provides great support for the spine and perfectly adapts to the shape of the body. The above properties of the mattress have been enhanced by knurling the Gelax foam and obtaining 7 comfort zones.

The mattress insert is based on a form of pocket springs (approx. 260 pieces per 1 m2; each spring works independently of the others), which create 7 hardness zones to ensure the best support for the spine and the entire back.

This model is recommended primarily to people who complain of back pain and neck and spine ailments. It will also work well for people struggling with frequent bacterial infections.

The mattress comes in a stylish and beautifully finished Silver cover, containing silver ions with antibacterial properties. It can be washed at a temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius. A beautiful 3D mesh around the perimeter, improving air circulation and anti-allergic properties of the mattress.

Mattress height – 22 cm,

Various covers are available for an extra charge.

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Please note due to large format our mattresses will be delivered vacuum wrap in roll within 3-5 weeks

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