Aloe Vera Mattress Cover

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A unique cover soaked in a special aloe gel. Aloe Vera has cosmetic properties and has a beneficial effect on the skin while you sleep.

The Aloe Vera cover is a one-of-a-kind product. Its structure has been soaked with aloe gel, which has cosmetic properties. What’s more, it has an extremely beneficial effect on the skin of the sleeper. Quilting with air conditioning fiber not only gives it a beautiful look, but also contributes to better air circulation and more pleasure in direct contact.

The cover is equipped with a very nice and practical olive green 3D mesh. Aloe Vera also has handles that allow you to easily turn the mattress inside out and a 360-degree zip fastener that makes it easy to remove the cover. It can be washed at a temperature of up to 60 degrees C, which provides additional protection against allergens.

Mattress Cover Size

EU Double 4'6ft. 140x200cm, EU King 5ft. 160x200cm, EU Junior 5ft. 80x160cm, EU Small Sing;e 6ft. 90x180cm, UK Full Single 6ft. 90x190cm, EU Large Single 90x200cm, EU Small Double 120x200cm, Super King 6ft. 180x200cm, UK Doubel 4'6ft. 140x190cm, UK King 5ft. 155x200cm, UK Small Double 120x190cm