Girs Chest of drawers GS-04

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Chests of drawers have been one of the main elements of bedroom equipment for years. Their main task is to provide a discreet place to store personal items. In addition to their typically utilitarian function, they also play a decorative role. GS-04 from the Girs collection is a perfect example of the synthesis of both features mentioned above.

The chest of drawers we designed has clearly separated storage spaces. These include three drawers and a cabinet with a shelf, hidden behind a single door. This arrangement provides an optimal amount of space for storing clothes. It also allows you to collect things of various sizes.

A chest of drawers in the bedroom is a piece of furniture that significantly facilitates everyday functioning. It makes keeping order easier. GS-04 is also a unique decoration of our relaxation space. Thanks to subdued colors and atmospheric LED lighting, it gives the interior a unique charm.

The GS-04 chest of drawers, part of the Girs collection, is the perfect solution for your bedroom. In addition to the traditional function of storing clothes, bedding and other necessary items, it is an atmospheric decorative piece of furniture that adds a unique character to the bedroom space. It combines functionality with aesthetics

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