Xelo Wardrobe €449.00

szafa-185-xelo (1)

Folded door wardrobes with mirror on the front….

Trendy combinations of colors and functionality of the furniture will allow you to adjust the wardrobe to many interiors. The wardrobe has a sliding front which guarantees comfortable use of the furniture. The sliding door system used will facilitate household members’ daily use. Perfectly suited to the bedroom, hallway.
In the middle is divided into two parts equipped with shelves and a clothes rail.

Wardrobe with folded doors....

XELO - A - szafa 230 wnętrze (dąb craft złoty)


Wardrobe 147cm with 1 Mirror €499.00

XELO - C - szafa 140 + listwa (biała)

Wardrobe 147cm inside

XELO - C - szafa 140 wnętrze (biała)

Wardrobe 187cm with 2 Mirrors €549.00


Wardrobe 187cm inside

XELO - B - szafa 185 wnętrze (biała)

Wardrobe 237cm no mirrors €649.00

XELO - A - szafa 230 + listwa (dąb craft złoty)

Wardrobe 235cm inside

XELO - A - szafa 230 wnętrze (biała)

All wardrobes have the same heigh 215cm and depth 65cm. All sold with LED lights 

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