Latex Foam Topper 4cm


Latex Foam Topper is made of latex.
Latex has a flexible, elastic structure that perfectly supports the figure. Latex does not cause pressure, which awakens from deeper phases of sleep, effectively improving sleep, which is why it will be perfect as a cover for sofas or bonell mattresses.
The latex mattress mat has a number of ventilation ducts that provide excellent air circulation. Latex Foam Topper is anti-allergic, does not accumulate dust, skin, bacteria and mites.

Single size 3ft x 6’3ft. 90x190cm – €119.00

Large Single size 3ft.x 6’6ft. 90x200cm – €119.00

Small Double size 4ft. x 6ft. 120x190cm – €149.00

Double size 4.6ft. x 6ft. 140x190cm – €159.00

King Size 5ft. x 6ft. 155x200cm – €169.00

Super King Size 6ft. 180x200cm – €179.00

By using the topper on the mattress, you will noticeably improve the comfort of your sleep. The overlay protects the mattress against over-use and improves sleep hygiene. The cover can be easily removed to turn it over, ventilate or clean it. The mat has a zip on three sides, allowing easy removal and washing the cover in a home washing machine.