HR Foam Topper 4cm


HR Foam Topper is made of highly elastic foam.
HR foam is a cold-pressed foam that impresses with its properties, remaining an inexpensive material. It is distinguished by a high level of flexibility and significantly longer life, provides optimal support of the body, and open cell structures are responsible for very high air circulation. The foam does not contain harmful substances, it is completely synthetic, safe and odorless, giving the most sensitive allergies sleep.
Mattress pad significantly improves sleep comfort, reduces the point pressure on the body, which has a beneficial effect on blood circulation.

Single size 3ft x 6’3ft. 90x190cm – 4cm – €89.00 Topper 6cm – €119.00

Large Single size 3ft.x 6’6ft. 90x200cm – 4cm – €89.00 Topper 6cm – €119.00

Small Double size 4ft. x 6ft. 120x190cm – 4cm – €139.00 Topper 6cm – €169.00

Double size 4.6ft. x 6ft. 140x190cm – 4cm – €139.00 Topper 6cm – €169.00

King Size 5ft. x 6ft. 155x200cm – 4cm – €149.00 – Topper 6cm – € 179.00

Super King Size 6ft. 180x200cm – 4cm – €159.00 Topper 6cm – €189.00

By using the topper on the mattress, you will noticeably improve the comfort of your sleep. The overlay protects the mattress against over-use and improves sleep hygiene. The cover can be easily removed to turn it over, ventilate or clean it. The mat has a zip on three sides, allowing easy removal and washing the cover in a home washing machine.