Happy Animals 00

?é????ko animals wenge sz 00

The bed is manufactured as a bilateral, it can be left or right depending on your needs.
It is equipped with a protective barrier protecting the child from falling out.
The bed is made of high quality MDF furniture board, all edges are rounded and protected by a special PVC border.

The headboard and footboard have prints made with organic paint safe for your child.
Imprints are characterized by vibrant colors and are protected by special laminate.

The bed is equipped with a functional drawer on rubber wheels, so you do not draw the sliding drawer floor. The drawer can be used to store bedding or other objects, eg. toys.


Happy Animal 00 White

?é????ko animals sz 00

Happy Animal 00 Green

?é????ko animals green sz 00

Happy Animal 00 Blue

?é????ko animals blue sz 00

Happy Animal 00 Brown

?é????ko animals wenge sz 00

Happy Animal 00 Pink

?é????ko animals pink sz 00

Available sizes:
Toddler 4,5ft. 140x70cm without drawer ?224.00
Toddler 4,5ft. 140x70cm with drawer ?259.00
Junior 5ft.160×80 without drawer ?259.00
Junior 5ft. 160x80cm with drawer ?279.00
Small Single 6ft. 180x90cm without drawer ?269.00
Small single 6ft.180x90cm with drawer ?299.00
Full single 6,3ft. 190x90cm without drawer ?269.00
Full single 6,3ft. 190x90cm with drawer ?299.00

All beds are sold with Free Foam Mattress !!!

Happy Bedside Locker ?89.00
Size – 40cm x 44cm x 34cm

Happy Animals SZN01 - 00 White

szn01 white

Happy Animals SZN02 - 00 Pink

szn02 pink1

Happy Animals SZN03 - 00 Green

szn03 grean3

FREE Foam Mattress


Free Foam mattress can be exchanged to Latex Foam Mattress 

Latex Foam Mattress

Latex Foam

Foam mattress with candle latex 1,5 cm especially designed for children or people up to 80 kg. By applying a layer of latex foam combined with polyurethane foam mattress adapts well to the shapes of the body and ensure its proper orientation. It has anti-allergicand anti-fungal properties.
8cm Foam + 1,5cm Latex
Toddler 4,5 ft. 140x70cm ? ?49.00
Junior 5ft.160x80cm ? ?59.00
Small Single 6ft. 180x90cm ? ?69.00
Full Single 6?3ft. 190x90cm ? ?69.00

Hypoallergenic cover, quilted, made of fabric with a weight of 350-400gr / m2

Free Foam Mattress can be also exchanged to Double-Sided Buckwheat Mattress:


The buckwheat side is the only one natural material to sleep on. The buckwheat husk contained in specially selected, quilted squares offers unique properties: anti-allergic, anti-sweat, anti-decubital features preventing backbone defects and supporting treatment of the existing ones.
The coco side complements healing properties of the mattress. With its structure, the coco mat allows for free air circulation. No matter which side our child sleeps on, we can be sure that he/she always sleeps healthily and safely.


Toddler 4,5 ft. 140x70cm + ?49.00
Junior 5ft.160x80cm + ?49.00
Small Single 6ft. 180x90cm +?59.00
Full Single 6?3ft. 190x90cm + ?59.00


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