Foam Mattress + Coconut Mat



Thickness of mattress 8cm

Poliuretane Foam 7cm

One side of coconut mat

Toddler 4,5 ft. 140x70cm ? ?99.00

Junior 5ft.160x80cm ? ?99.00

Small Single 6ft. 180x90cm ? ?109.00

Full Single 6?3ft. 190x90cm ? ?109.00

Custom Size also available !!!



1. Premium quilted case – antiallergic with a membrane structure and an extended abrasion cycle. It provides freshness and the highest level of hygiene thanks to the possibility of taking pictures and washing.

2. Air-conditioning fiber – fluffy synthetic fleece that continues to transport air and additionally warms the mattress.

3. Coconut insert – it has anti-fungal and anti-allergic properties, improves sleep comfort by providing adequate ventilation, and increases the durability of the mattress.

4. 7 cm polyurethane foam T25 with increased density, does not deform, thus guaranteeing the comfort of sleeping.

Coconut mat – a natural material derived from coconut shell – is produced from coconut vulcanized natural latex. Permanent elasticity plate coconut reach in kilns at. Approx. 120st.C., High temperature ensures sterility motherboards, kills all bacteria and germs in the mattress. Used in mattresses for better air circulation. Coconut fiber is the ideal material to supplement the mattress. Coconut does not emit any toxins or other substances that could adversely affect the skin and respiratory system. Latex coconut is a product completely natural and environmentally friendly, does not cause allergies. Good permeability. The mattress, which has followed the mat “breathes” because coconut is elastic and airy, and also very durable and flexible. Mattresses with a contribution of coconut provide a more comfortable sleep. Coconut mat is characterized by high flexibility, absorbs excreted in sweat and the moisture in the environment. By using the coconut mats has the effect of stiffening the mattress.

Suitable for allergy sufferers

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Suitable for allergy sufferers

This model also uses a coconut cartridge. It is a natural raw material, ecological, derived from the shells of coconut.

Coconut fibers are light and airy, as well as very durable and flexible, resistant to moisture and deformation. They improve the air circulation inside the mattress, thus preventing excessive sweating.

Coconut also has antiallergic properties, prevents the growth of fungi and mites.

High Quality Cover





Antiallergic with a membrane structure, made of the highest quality hypoallergenic materials of the first grade, providing exceptional softness, freshness and extraordinary comfort and satisfaction with its use.

The structure of the material from which the cover was made provides adequate ventilation and proper air flow in the mattress. The cover has a sewn-in zipper, which allows it to be easily removed for washing.

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