Disney Beds for Teenagers

Disney Beds for Tennagers

To meet the expectations of our customers are happy to present our latest collection of Disney Beds for Teenagers

Slats under the mattress are made of pine wood and can withstand the weight up to 100 kg.

On the fronts are placed color printing, you can safely wash them with a cloth.

Imprints are protected by special laminate to guarantee its permanence and prevent it from wiping out the image.

Simple and classic design single bed, a good choice for years. Lowered front, in addition to modern design, it is also very functional, which is also a good option for small spaces. As a result, the child can freely enter and walk down the beds.

Junior size 160x80cm

Bed frame size – 164 x 88cm
Mattress size 160x80cm

disney bed size

Princess Palace Pets ?249.00


Cars ?249.00


Boutique Minnie ?249.00


Disney Frozen ?249.00

disney teenager

The Good Dinosaurs ?249.00


Minnie ?249.00




This mattress can be exchanged to Double-Sided Buckwheat Mattress + ?40


The buckwheat side is the only one natural material to sleep on. The buckwheat husk contained in specially selected, quilted squares offers unique properties: anti-allergic, anti-sweat, anti-decubital features preventing backbone defects and supporting treatment of the existing ones.
The coco side complements healing properties of the mattress. With its structure, the coco mat allows for free air circulation. No matter which side our child sleeps on, we can be sure that he/she always sleeps healthily and safely.