Bunk Beds

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Solid Wooden Bunk Beds are an option for people who appreciate functionality, modern design and precision and quality.
Its sturdy construction ensures safety and comfort for your child.
The bed is produced as a two-sided and, depending on your needs can be left or right.
Bed is made of high quality pine beds and all edges are rounded in order to safe use by children. Elements of the beds are triple coated.
Further, a specially designed safety barrier protects children from falling out.
Full Single Size 6’3ft x 3ft 190x90cm
Bed Frame appr. 198cm x 98cm x 160cm
Price €499.00

20 colors of stain water available – Mix and Match


9 colors of acrylic paint available – Mix and Match+ €20




Free Foam Mattress can be exchanged to :

Latex Foam Mattress €50 Each

Latex Foam

Bonell Spring €69.00 Each

Spring Mattress + Latex €99 Each


Pocket Spring Mattress €99 Each


Pocket + Latex Mattress €119.00 Each


Antimate Foam Mattress + Latex €139 Each


Available designs:

Casper Bunk Bed

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Eric Bunk Bed

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Nemo Bunk Bed

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Hugo Bunk Bed

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Leo Bunk Bed

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Michael Bunk Bed

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Trewor Bunk Bed

TRES - biały-dąb sonoma 2

Alex Bunk Bed

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